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10th Annual Oklahoma Grazing Lands Conference

August 4-5, 2011

Clarion Conference Center, OKC

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Oklahoma Grazing Lands – A Valuable Resource…

Providing Benefits to all of Oklahoma

 Privately owned grazing lands in Oklahoma comprise over 53% of our states land, with rangeland comprising the majority of these acres.  These lands provide many economic and environmental benefits not only to those who own them, but to all citizens of our state.  The extent of these benefits and impact for Oklahoman’s is dependent upon how well these lands are managed.  If not managed properly, these benefits will not be realized.  If managed properly, then many will benefit.  As land managers and professionals providing assistance, our goal should be to promote the wise use of our grazing lands resources and manage them so that the benefits are widespread and enjoyed by all. 

These benefits include:   

Clean and dependable water for rural and urban Oklahoma.  Most of our states cities and towns obtain their water from lakes.  The quality of these lakes is dependent upon the health of the watershed that contributes the water to the supply.  Well managed grazing lands help to reduce sediments, nutrients and pesticides that could otherwise get into water supplies making them unhealthy and costing cities more money for treatment.  Sediment also fills in lakes and reduces the life and storage capacity, which can lead to costly remedies to clean out or develop new water sources.

Reduced flooding.  Adequate vegetative cover helps to reduce runoff and   increase infiltration into the soil.  This slows and reduces water entering into lakes, rivers and streams and minimizes flooding.  This benefits all landowners adjacent to these water bodies, cities and towns.  This also allows for replenishing groundwater supplies due to increased infiltration into ground.  This benefits many citizens who rely on water wells for drinking water.Camping

 Wildlife Habitat and Recreation.  Many citizens, urban and rural (the majority not grazing lands owners) enjoy recreational hunting and fishing, hiking, bird watching, camping and wide open spaces.  Grazing lands in Oklahoma provide this opportunity for all citizens.  These lands provide habitat for over two thirds of the states wildlife and contribute to the health of lakes and streams for aquatic life.  If not managed properly, wildlife habitat is destroyed.

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Products needed and used by all citizens.  Grazing lands provide forages needed to produce food and fiber products including beef, lamb, milk, cheese, wool and leather.  Our grazing lands support over 7 million head of livestock providing these products not only to Oklahoma citizens but to other states and countries as well.  

Jobs and Social Stability.  Oklahoma’s grazing lands provide jobs in agriculture, food processing, eco-tourism and other related industries.  Over 44,000 jobs in Oklahoma are supported by the cattle industry alone. Apply for cash advance loans online from Direct Lenders.

Cattle in tall grass

If Oklahoma’s grazing lands are not managed properly, these benefits will not be possible.  The Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative is an effort to enhance the health and productivity of our grazing lands by helping grazing land owners understand the benefits of well managed grazing lands, the importance of proper management and providing them the knowledge and opportunity to implement sound management practices.  

In Oklahoma the Oklahoma Grazing Lands Conservation Association, a partnership of producer organizations, agencies and other concerned groups, leads this effort.  The OGLCA provides leadership in identifying and addressing issues in order to improve the health and productivity of Oklahoma’s Grazing lands so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of properly managed grazing lands.